Analytics and risk control consulting
An important role in business management is the regular audit of activities and risks by independent experts. Monitoring is required everywhere, including at the product and / or service launch stage, where a deep understanding of the upcoming field of activity is important.
Separating audit as an independent direction, we primarily focus on our own business model, in which we clearly distribute the area of responsibility and effectiveness of each employee of the company. This approach determines the degree of risk of the client company and significantly predicts the result of our analytics and its forecasts.
Audit of legal requirements of local legislation (access to international markets);
Accounting audit;
Audit of financial statements;
Advertising audit;
Audit analytics;
Risk control;
Business management audit;
Brand management audit;
and much more...
We have invested heavily in creating our own technological capabilities and paid special attention to those areas that, in our opinion, bring the greatest benefit to our customers, including the latest achievements of Artificial Intelligence for working with big data and analytics.
We answer the question:
«Are the company links effective?»
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