Comprehensive legal services
From registration to sales
The specifics of our activity determines the competence of employees and the scale of the work with which we deal. In fact, limited to four main industries, we fully accompany any company throughout the entire cycle of its existence.
Maintenance of the sales cycle: from production to consumer
The organization of the relationship between the manufacturer and retail
Production of goods
Consumer goods production
Mass media and culture
Development and support of information projects
In our practice, we significantly combine classical working methods, modern intellectual achievements and our own software solutions based on Artificial Intelligence: to ensure the automation of processes and a significant reduction in both risks and financial expenses.
Examples of opportunities
Registration of LLC, JSC and other types of commercial and non-profit organizations;
Opening and closing of representative offices and branches of companies in all parts of the world;
Registration of companies with tax authorities, as well as their removal;
Opening and closing bank accounts and structuring the management of bank accounts of companies;
Control of financial flows and their legality;
Tax optimization;
Preparation of documents regulating the internal activities of companies (such as the provision on the board of directors, the provision on the executive body, etc.);
Structuring of governing bodies;
Legal examination of the proposed activities in terms of compliance with local legislation;
Registration of changes (new edition) of the charter, branch or representative office;
Preparation and maintenance of documents for licensing, registration of goods and services subject to local law;
and much more...
We are responsible for all legal and banking issues
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