Mass media
and culture
Development and support of information projects
In the Internet
Already today, the Internet has become the main platform for information and entertainment, cultural projects. Gone is a simple linear model where creativity found distribution and clear monetization.
Technological innovation
Technological innovation and consumer behavior led us to a new reality. We are faced with the most dynamic market, where the issue of openness and accessibility of data is incredibly complete and all this is constantly evolving.
What do we offer
In this industry, we find the closest combination of creativity and the work of Artificial Intelligence, to be always aware of any changes.
For us, relevance, speed and the ability to change - this is what we consider a priority in the adoption of strategic and tactical issues.
We have invested heavily in creating our own technological capabilities and paid special attention to those areas that, in our opinion, bring the greatest benefit to our customers, including the latest achievements of Artificial Intelligence for working with big data and analytics.
We know what the Internet community
is thinking and what it wants.
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