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At GST, we’re dedicated to helping our clients, from start-ups to Forbes 100 companies — and the work we do with them is as varied as they are. Let's get a look how others work!
Walmart Rewrites Its E-Commerce Strategy With $3.3 Billion Deal for Jet.com
The New York Times. Traditional retailers have spent more than a decade and billions of dollars trying to transform their brick-and-mortar businesses for the online shopper. Yet Amazon and other digital upstarts continue to lap them.
G.E.’s New Strategy: Less Is More
The New York Times. Since taking over the company in August, Mr. Flannery has promised big changes, shaken up his leadership team and grounded corporate planes. On Friday, he offered new details about his broader strategy, including selling off nearly $20 billion of businesses in the next year or two, so that the company can focus on more promising businesses.
Developing our integrated business strategy
The Guardian. Core to the success of GNM's journey towards sustainability has been the development of an integrated strategy that encompasses all departments and activities, and is supported by a company-wide employee engagement programme.
The Big Rethink: developing a fresh strategy
The Independent. There is nothing like a crisis to unleash a slew of business books. Unsurprisingly, given the dire warnings about the future of the world economy, finding new ways of achieving growth is something of a theme.
Best practices in sustainability: Ford, Starbucks and more
The Guardian. В новом отчете Ceres, некоммерческая организация, занимающаяся устойчивым бизнесом, выступила с критикой об отсутствии прогресса среди американских корпораций в целом, но также подчеркнула некоторые компании, которые заслуживают похвалы.
Can happiness be a good business strategy?
The Guardian. A happy workforce is more engaged, creative and more focused, increasing the overall productivity of a company, says Tim Smedley
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