and tactics
Development, advertising and PR
It is always important for business to know who is responsible for what. In particular, we want accurate forecasts and performance of tasks. To this end, we share the work on independent areas, each of which has its own internal strategic and tactical plans.
Our structure
Full coverage: off-line & on-line zones. Support for goods and customer services — 360 °.
Advertising departments
Strategic and tactical activities. Including brand visualization.
Analytics departments
Initial audit, forecasts and business support.
Public event departments
Full support: from the generation of ideas to natural events.
PR departments
Comprehensive informational support of products and services, public relations.
Logistics departments
Organization and optimization of delivery of goods to the customer / consumer.
Complaint departments
Accounting for marriage, return and any other claims. Cost reduction.
We focus on what we can do best. Each department independently performs its functions. For example, small lists of our competence:
Advertising department:
Development of strategy and tactics of advancement
Brand visualization development
Contextual advertising
Lead generation
Mobile advertising
Advertising in social networks
Media and TV advertising
Services for e-commerce
Off-line advertising support
Evolution and Reporting
Testing and optimization
And much more...
Analytics department:
Audit and analytics off-line and on-line activities based on AI
Audit of consumer expectations and behavior
Split testing
Preliminary comprehensive testing of promotional events
Presales preparation, forecasting
Report Automation and Data Visualization
Competitive, product analysis
End-to-end analytics of your own behavioral model and competitors
Mobile analytics, application analytics
And much more...
and efficiency
Our priorities are responsibility, as transparent and accurate as possible. The competence of our employees is selected in such a way that we talk about real plans and their implementation. We do not do everything, but we do what we can do best.
Strategic and tactical management is the foundation of our work. You always control every project development chain.
In our power there is a real opportunity to share the workload of the staff in each of the areas we lead. It is like a cloud concept in computer technology.
What does this give us? First, it is effective. Secondly, economically. And thirdly, it is always accurate — no more and no less.
We have invested heavily in creating our own technological capabilities and paid special attention to those areas that, in our opinion, bring the greatest benefit to our customers, including the latest achievements of Artificial Intelligence for working with big data and analytics.
We work with amazing partners
to make our ideas into reality
We are responsible for the activity of the company in the market, the popularization of products and services. We predict sales volumes and fully deliver the goods to the customer.
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